Timing your Renovation Project

May 1, 2019

Easy… Every area in your home has a function. The laundry room for instance. When you think about maximizing your storage, first think about how you use that space. What is your laundry routine? What items are essential for you to get the laundry done. Start there. Your storage design starts with how you use your space and how you flow from task to task. What do you need quickly or frequently? Items you use on a daily or weekly basis require quick and easy access. Using laundry rooms as an example, having simple selves for the important stuff provides that quick and easy access. Cabinets can be added as well to store all the other stuff like cleaning supplies.

When you start thinking about the storage you need and the room you’re preparing to remodel, be creative. People sometime throw their hands up and start browsing the web for a quick solution. Maybe you can buy something that will help you store your things. But, honestly, that’s just another item you’re bringing into your home that in a few years will end up being clutter. 

Don’t settle for the quick fix. Do your homework. The internet is filled with design ideas for every space your can image. We’ve always made it part of our process to sit down with clients and help educate them about the options they may have available to them, but just haven’t thought about. For example, kitchens are on of the biggest space in need of creative storage design.  

Clutter doesn’t have to be a concern. Taking the time to consider your storage design can free up the clutter and maximize your space so that you can enjoy an organized home. And Kennedy Nichols Construction is always available to talk through your design needs and help bring those designs to life for your home.